Styling the Women’s Air Jordan 11 ‘Olive Lux’

hey guys thanks for tuning in to kick some fits I’m sorry fellas but this episode is for my ladies I have with me the women’s Jordan 11 olive luck now let me see the love and special well they’re part of the Holiday Collection and they’ve added some spice so they swapped out the standard mesh upper for an olive suede and they upgraded the traditional leather overlay and more sleeve and it’s covered in glitter yes ladies I stepped it up for us they know how we like to shine another feature is the gold Jordan jump man hardware that you’ll find on the heel paired with the white midsole and gum bottom these shoes.

have more like a gold touch to it that glitter is definitely noticeable every time you move it I feel like that highlight look is in now so it’s perfect today I’m gonna switch it up I feel like these shoes have more of like a one told school steel to it ,cheap jordan shoes,if i pair it with the right oversized sweater and a jacket come on then you got the green on the feet I really think it plays with this orange well too and it brings out the goals on the show.

I’m gonna try to step out of my comfort zone so I won’t grab sweats the sun’s maybe I personally I hate to I hate feeling the wind touched my face so I look for stuff like this that’ll be comfy loose but still cute Wow even these look good see this is a little cold for me for this place see how it brings out my colors oh okay well that sounds like this jacket really complements these shoes please with like the colors they have different greens I just need something to wear underneath it right forget green ,cheap jordan 11 we’re not gonna dream anymore look at this I like bright colors so like this is not something that you would normally see in the wintertime but these colors are definitely in like the bright oranges red makes that down and really pop out this is like the perfect way not to over match no I’m not gonna do pants that’s why I said I wanted to see the day so now I’m just looking for some pie stop .

I know they have the socks that have a embroidery on them oh yeah buy one get one 50% off ho the pillory can flag yes . alright I’m ready alright y’all I’m back with my fit so I definitely wanted to go for like a sporty still cute look I got my sweatshirt in an extra-large I love the color it really popped out to me ,cheap jordans for sale,I think it really works with like glitter look on the shoe paired it with this olive green this jacket I’m warm I feel comfortable and I feel cute my parent would like these smokey socks which I thought were awesome it doesn’t match too much but it brings out a nice color in the shoe overall I’m happy I can walk out right now and just feel like I own this place you know so let me know what you think leave a comment below like subscribe and stay tuned for the next episode

February 26th, 2020 bởi hansup