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Empennage Fairing Finished 10

Empennage Fairing Finished 10

5.0 Hours again, this post is actually a culmination of work I been doing over the last two weeks. With the work I been doing, on most days I don feel like I accomplished anything significant. However, after a couple of weeks, the empennage fairing is finished, which is definitely worth a post!

After a lot of sanding, I had a nice, smooth, and even surface on the empennage fairing, or at least I hoped this would be the case. Fiberglass parts can look great when they are bare, but as soon as you start spraying primer, the appearance can quickly go downhill as all the blemishes and pinholes suddenly appear. Fortunately, this was not the case when I primed the fairing this time. There were no pinholes, motorcycle fairings and the entire surface was nice and even. Happy with the finish, I decided I was done with the fiberglass work on the fairing and I could proceed with installation.

Since I was busy priming, I also finished and primed the lower empennage fairings and the aft fuselage access doors. Once the primer dried on these, I re installed them on the fuselage mainly to get them out of the way for now.

I also primed the lower empennage fairings and the aft fuselage access panels.

I installed the aft access covers mainly to get them out of the way.

Next, I installed the upper empennage fairing on the fuselage and final drilled all the holes for 6 screws. At this point, I should have taken a picture of everything put together because it looked pretty neat I didn sorry. Instead, I started taking everything apart for the finishing work. The first thing was to countersink the holes in the upper empennage fairing for 6 screws and countersunk washers.

Since I was happy with the finish on the empennage fairing, I went ahead and drilled all the holes to full size and then countersunk them for 6 screws.

Then, I removed the vertical stabilizer and installed all the nutplates that will be used for the empennage fairing screws. gxsr fairings

The vertical stabilizer was removed from the plane to make it easier to install all the empennage fairing nutplates.

Next, I installed the empennage fairing nutplates in the horizontal stabilizer. Once this was done, I took the horizontal stabilizer off the fuselage and stored it back on the wall. It will probably stay on the wall until it time to move to the airport for final assembly.

After installing all the empennage fairing nutplates on the horizontal stabilizer, I removed it from the fuselage and hung it back on the wall where it will stay until final assembly. I guess I should have taken a picture with the empennage fairing on prior to disassembly the horizontal stabilizer removed, it was much easier to work on the lower empennage fairings. First, I was just going to rivet these to the fuselage, but then I decided to stick to the plans and use 6 screws to attach the fairings to the fuselage. All of the holes along the longerons were drilled and tapped, while the holes on the bulkhead required nutplates. A rubber seal will be placed between the fairings and the horizontal stabilizer during final assembly.

The lower empennage fairings were installed per plans by drilling/tapping the longerons for 6 screws.

Now that the empennage fairings are complete, my plan is to turn the fuselage back around in the garage and resume work on the canopy. In the meantime, ninja 250 fairing kits Ifigured that the best place to store all of the empennage fairing parts was on the fuselage. If only I would have remembered to take a picture while the horizontal and vertical stabilizers were still attached. Oh well, you can use your imagination.

I figured the fuselage was the best place to store the empennage fairing. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it with the horizontal and vertical stabilizers attached!

A front view of the completed empennage fairing. The fit is great!

Because I kind of proud of it, here one more view of the completed empennage fairing.

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