Air Jordan XII Wings Unboxing & Review

this is the Geo effect with the unboxing of your Jordan 12 we need your G follow me follow me follow me to the new logo geo cases where I’m adding what I’m about to do I’m upping unboxing Jordans will Winx makeup this tape just cute piece of tape here another cute boots will take over here I’m gonna go to my barber shop,cheap jordan 11 low, thinking about working in the shop .

I got all types of stuff thank you and you know what I think a rave for women I’m Rita says great Clippers hey I’ll bring my teeth I’m by people good it’s gonna tapered it taper the tape off real quick and you should to slow me to blade just drag oh oh put the Kim cake asscheeks in here how about this um you know what I’m disrespectful I’m an easy gloves I can’t be going in I need gloves would he thank you very much we good I want to be clean messing with the wife what gloves anything right so I gotta put some powder on the hands don’t mean make sure these love high then get some thirst anything take my time ,cheap jordan 11,here we go talking about wings what is this what is this it’s a pillowcase this is a backing sneaker baby and it got your boil you’re doing the most gold laser .

there is it’ll be dead girls and fine tensions on everything just feel like and smell good it felt like he finally made this from the best quality cognate Egyptian silk or something like that that’s good now I’m about to going 23 all over the wrapping he just us up in so many ways and there we have what yeah oh yeah oh yeah look at this so much going on here with the details wings their wings there to go there the and he spread out it’s real think they really did a good job with this shoe in detail I’m tearing up a little bit I’m gonna look emotion uh-uh we’ll be there by oh that’s what you’re looking at right,jordan 11 china, this is what we live this is what I’m looking at here is what we’re looking at and we’ve had to eat – the most interesting part of this you cried oh no yo this is exclusive this is a very premium exclusive we’re going to get the number production nine thousand six hundred and sixty six out of 12,000.

I won’t to care too much for the triple sixes but he does have six rings so you know what that’s a huge number right there as it is Oh such a sexy shoe can we to put one can’t wait to put put my foot in this thing oh man it’s so wet what I just want to just keep on test that test and you know what I got to do can I give a moment official like a referee with a whistle I’m going in I got a good plan takes like some chicken wings limit peple all this would be baked back like that oh just to be a part of this collection twelve thousand I’m nine hundred six hundred and sixty six boxes home um good luck in your clickers my trommel congratulations on being the owner of the Air Jordan 12 red truck join only has the sign isn’t it I mean this right it might be framed up

February 26th, 2020 bởi hansup